Our Services

Executive Search (End to End Recruitment)

MM STAFFING & CAREER CONSULTANTS PRIVATE LIMITED is providing Executive Search Services to its esteemed clients. Being one of leading companies, we take great care to ensure that we provide effective services to the client organizations. We provide customised end-to-end recruitment solutions to our clients, utilising a diverse product range to source the best talent. We are committed to advising our clients on recruitment and retention issues and focus on delivering the best candidates in the market. We offer contract based end to end recruitment services to our clients. This service enables you to select your required candidates from industry.

CXO (Top Level Hiring) C Level Executive Search

A chief experience officer (CXO) is an executive responsible for the overall experience of an organization’s products and services. A “CXO” is a top executive that has “chief” in their title — this could be the chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief information officer, chief technology officer, chief people officer, chief experience officer, chief procurement officer, and so on. The primary focus is on requirement staffing for all C levels starting requirements from Senior Managers to Director and VP Level Globally. We work on an automated database mechanism to search the right profiles for right opportunities at right time to meet our client expectation and demand.

Contractual Staffing and Temporary Staffing

This staffing mode involves providing trained and skilled candidates to the client for a contractual period. MM STAFFING & CAREER CONSULTANTS PRIVATE LIMITED undertakes mobilization of candidates in the specified numbers and their placement at client specified locations. At the end of the contract period, the deputed candidates are released from the client site. We ensure on the performance and quality of deliverables to ensure client expectation.

HR Consulting (Tailor made process)

HR Consulting helps all our clients with our tailor made process to develop the HR strategies in the company.

It is generally focused to Small and Medium scale enterprise. This saves time, cost and efforts for most of the entrepreneur who can focus on developing business only.

Recruitment Processing Outsourcing Model

The services include

  • Resume Sourcing
  • Resume Sourcing and Validating
  • Resume formatting
  • Job Posting(Healthcare)
  • Resume Formatting (Healthcare)
  • Advert Email Response and Validating
  • Head Hunting